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January 25, 2014


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Beautiful, insightful and valid.....thank you. Mainstream is so...mainstream. He will do wonderful things as he has a beautiful heart.


Charles, that was so beautifully written. My own son has been on that very same road and still very much in need of the GPS. I try not to worry and tell myself that when all is said and done, all of his difficulties will be his gifts.

Tina Winslow

Charles - very beautifully written. My dam burst but unlike it sounds like you and your beautiful family, I didn't have the language skills to explain to anyone what was going on inside my head. It was safer in my head, then out in the real world. I would imagine answers to questions, I didn't ask. I didn't tell my parents how the kids were to me and due to many situations they didn't notice I was sinking. I think you are doing a great thing by engaging in the conversation and offering a non-judgmental hand to help Seb. And to Seb, you are greater than the parts seem right now. You don't have to have an answer today, just keep going and the path will become clear. Trust that the answer is there and you will find it. All the best from Texas.

 Maureen Lyons

Mo and Grandad send their unconditional love once again to Seb and his dad and mum. Together, and with God as your partner, the road less travelled will become defined as "Seb's road".


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