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August 29, 2011


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Hey Charles. Try stretching before bed. Do about 20 minutes of a yoga type routine. It really helped me a few years ago, when i was having problems sleeping. Concentrate on your hamstrings when you stretch. Just a thought. Hope this helps. Edd


looking at your graphs, the one thing that strikes me is that you're going to bed at midnight. Ironically enough you probably need to go to bed earlier in order to sleep more, apparently around 10pm is best. It's the same with babies, if you cut down their afternoon / morning sleep in the hope they'll sleep at night they sleep less at night from from over-tiredness.
I suffer from insomnia myself, but it's definitely related in part to going to be too late. If I'm in bed by 10, I'll sleep through. If I stay up, I get my 2nd wind and then I have insomnia.

One thing that helps me is a meditation tape. There is a wonderful CD by Bodhipaksa, which has 3 nice meditations, the first two are good for relaxing and calming, the breath meditation and the lovingkindness meditation.
My children also regularly listen to it if they're anxious and have a problem getting to sleep.


I'll have to use that clip on my wife. I would rather go shopping with her, though I sit and wait I force her to buy things. On her own she doesn't get much.

Maureen Lyons aka Mo aka Grandmother

Some good advice here, Chuck. Hope it helps your sleeplessness...... : (



1) Concentrate on slow, deep, breathing,

2) Don't develop a sleep chart that looks like the NYSE,Dow,S&P,Nasdaq or the TSX.

Love to all...GDad Blake


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