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May 09, 2010


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Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

TOTALLY did the right thing, of course. I admire your courage cause it is not easy to stop four little people. Methinks they will remember this visit the next time you go to Disneyland. Well done to you both. xox

Jeanne Yasso

Way to go mom and dad! Kudos! Your kids will thank you later. Good job teaching them appreciation and gratitude.


Definitely the right thing! There are far too many parents who make empty threats & don't follow through.


you did right. A little action like this goes a long way ... my son still remembers 3 years ago when we left him at home and went to Ocean Park without him as he was acting up and we carried through our threat...

Marie T

GREAT JOB Mom and Dad. Sometimes we are so eager to have"fun" when it is not! I rememeber the time I told the kids "you blew it and we are leaving NOW!!" this was at Bush Gardens in Tampa Florida after waiting to see the tigers for over 40 minutes and we just got the perfect view of the beautiful creature!!The fighting the crying the complaining..I HAD IT. Paul and Lisa are 30 and 33 years old and they still shake in thier boots! They have a clear memory of it!They KNEW I meant it when I said "YOU BLEW IT WITH YOUR BEHAVIOR" so much they warned Brea about it when she came forever!

Erin  A.

I agree with the "Way to go," parents' award--and the courage to follow through with it; I'm afraid I give mine far too many "chances" and my threats become futile until I totally lose it and end up yelling at them, acting worse then them . . . my mantra, "I'm the adult; I'm the adult" ringing through my head . . . sigh!

Penny Caldwell

Definitely the right thing. You can't reward bad behaviour. It just leads to more bad behaviour. Happy Mother's Day Tess!

Dad Lyons

Many years ago before my 4 perfect children were born a friend of mine and I would take his wild children out to activities.We didn't have a"Golden Mickey" but the model we had contained enough tonic to soothe one's nerves when things got rough.The little nippers and the big nippers survived as best I can remember.

Love to all....GDad Blake


Definitely did the right thing. Hopefully they will realise it is a "privilege" not a "right" next time they go to Disney. Good on you both.


I have so much respect for you both. I could learn a thing or two from your example!!

vibram five fingers

Good post, I will mention it on my blog.. Cheers

Dave Larson

Hi, Charles. Just read this...a year+ later.

Did u ever go back...and did they remember the "Lesions Learned" from this visit?


Hi Dave, yes not long afterwards we revisited the scene of the crime and the kids successfully redeemed themselves!

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