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November 23, 2009


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thanks for sharing all of this!!! Reminds me of when we cleaned out the farm Rick grew up on...bittersweet memories of a well loved home!!! XO Lyns

Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

A wonderful walk down memory lane, Chuck. Poignant. And so much to be thankful for, as you said. God's speed down The Road.

M xox

Trish Langmuir Taylor

Your childhood was blessed, Charles. I know you're grateful for that. Thanks for sharing memories of your family's home!

Susan Baird

I remember when I was going to York University, My Dad, Dr Doug Baird would drive to your house and pick your dad up to go to work. I remember your dad always asking how I was and wishing me a good day. That memeory has stayed with me that he cared enough each time I say him to tell me that. You must tell him that when you talk to him. I am going through the same thing as we pack up and move my mom from her home of 22 years to move into a retirement home. I recently had the chance to go through her home now empty of furniture and other objects and the attachment to the home, even though I only lived there 3 years is great. Honestly I still go by my old house on Beveridge to go the dentist and was very upset when they moved the school at the top of the street. I don't like change but know that I have all these memories in my heart and my mind and that I can walk through my old childhood home on beveridge any time I want to in my mind where each and every detail is as clear as it was when I left when I was 20. I love the bible quote you have posted as well and have printed it out to put on my desk. Hope all is well with your family and your Dad. Take care

Susan Baird

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