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August 02, 2009


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Chatted with tess tonight in her temporary lodging. Relieved to know she's out of the way of the fire & suspect you will all need a little R&R away from fires to put this summer break out of mind.

I'll be thinking safe travels & good thoughts for you all.



Take care my friends. I'm thinking of you.

Louise M

This will be the summer the kids will talk about for years. So glad everyone is safe once again, but sorry that the cabin and all the memeories may be gone.


I am on the other side of the Fintry Delta. As 9 am Sunday. The winds are light and blowing off the water. Presently it sits half way up the mountain with the breeze blowing it up the mountain. Might be a different story tonight as the winds predominintly blow of the land towards the lake late in the afternoon. If your friends have interest at La Casa, it is very very close on the upper side. However, there are now trees in La Casa and if the Command Center allows a firecrew in there it should not be as big of a problem to keep the ambers off the houses. Problem is they have to have an exit for themselves.....which means by way of the lake only.

Sorry for your anxiety as well as your friends.

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