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May 28, 2009


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Dad aka GDad Blake

Wasn't it Thomas Wolfe who said you can never go home again? In some ways he was right but you can go home on a path of pleasant memories.

Love to all....GDad Blake

Denis Grant

Beautiful inspiring piece Charles. I spent many hours in the little charity shop at Omeeme an route to a family place on Pigeon Lake years ago; these stopoffs always yielded up a treasure or two in those days, apart from the natural treasures that fill the area and that you so finely reflect.

Whatever else you do, keep up the writing.


Julie Andras

It's funny how when you live in a place, you can overlook or forget how wonderful life can be there. Thank you for reminding me. Remember the area and the memories you built are always here, and our home in Lindsay always open should you wish to travel along Hwy 7 again - anytime! I drive through Omemee to the school many times a week and to Devils Elbow all winter. I will think of you and these inspiring words each time I do!


closing such fond chapters is never easy even if it's the right thing or the only thing. i am glad at least you had such a special place for as long as you did.

Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

Lovely reminiscences of your cherished Marblehill, Charles. You 'painted' a great picture of your years there. Hope the pain of your latest 'passage' eases soon.

Love, M xox

Greg Anderson

Wow! Talk about a moving piece of elegiac/eulogistic writing. You captured your "emotional home" with what Tolkien would call "joy, more poignant than grief." Thank you for sharing this! You not only made memories you recorded them in a winsome way that makes me think that there is a lucky special place lurking out there somewhere that Tess, the kids, and you will make your own in spectacular fashion.


A beautiful post. The maple sirup making is making me daydream even more. I am sure you will find another good Exit plan, this one just was not meant to be...


Things change as we get old.


What WOW memories Charles! Lucky Sebastian, Sela, Jasper and Carys whose dad's life has given all these absolutely wonderful memories to pass onto them. I can just imagine you and Tess, sitting around a fire place, with the grand children around listening to all the may be naughty stories at Marblehill. Thanks for sharing. Love, Odila

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