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December 25, 2008


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Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

Sigh. Wish we had been there with you, Charles.

Happy Boxing Day to you.

Love, M xox

Danny Aiken

Hi Charles and Tess

Great blog! I love good sermons and I am a big fan of Will Ferrel. I know exactly what scene that is in Talladega nights. When ministers refer to modern films It makes sermons much easier to relate to, to put it simply.
One of my Favorite sermons includes a comparison to the film 'Saving private Ryan' ...Private Ryan tried to live a "good" life after the war. Because his Captain died saving his life. My minister, Jenny Andison, goes on at length about how all we need to do is love God to be free of such burdens.
I want to start a blog like yours. I had such a great time over Christmas I would really like to share my experiences with everyone of my friends and family.
I went to Mont Tremblant with seven friends and had so much fun! I love skiing with friends. The great outdoors and fresh air is so rejuvinating!
Hey I told you last year that I was doing the 12 steps and I believe I made an ammends with you so over Christmas I worked up the courage to make ammends to my Step-Dad Scott K. and my big bro, Dave. "Repairing the wreckage of the past" as they put it in the Big Book. I suppose I am breaking my annonymity but you and your Christian fellowship and family and friends I consider part of my inner circle of trust. (see 'Meet the Parents'with Robert De Niro)
All the Best,
Danny Aiken

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