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June 21, 2008


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you're right! that did make me grin ear to ear. anyone who doesn't smile at that is seriously devoid of any appreciation for joy.


You did post the orginal at some point...b/c I remember watching it on your blog!!! LOVE IT!! Cracks me up and makes me smile! Thanks for posting the new one. Hope all is well...miss you guys a lot! XO Lyns

Fred Ewins

This should be in the Hall of Fame for your posts. LOVE it. Thought I would get bored, but I enjoyed every moment. Thanks.


zomg! someplace i've been! i recognize the place in buenos aires. i stopped there on a tour. it's a rather famous enclave there.

he did go from miami to atlanta and didn't bother to stop here. guess he didn't think i'd come out and dance :(. with a few phone calls, i might have even gotten him a halftime show. dancing with 90,000 people? no, i don't have connections, but i think i would be willing to try to arrange that :).

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