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May 31, 2008


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Danny Aiken

Hey Charles

IT's very interesting to me to read about your life as you write about it in the first person. What I read tells me you have a great deal of confidence in yourself as an executive and your desire to follow God's will is extremely respectable.
All the best to you and your family and enjoy the cottage. I'll be in the city working in the film business. If there is anyhing I can ever do for you please ask. Thanks for sharing.
God Bless.
Danny Aiken

Auntie Pammie

Charles ,,,, Congrats on the decision!! I am so thrilled that you will have a work free summer.. this is the year we celebrate :-)!!!!
Looking forward to seeing you all.
Auntie P xoox

Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

Again, Chuck, congratulations on your decision. We are behind you 100% and are delighted to being seeing you this summer with Tess and the wee gang. Not long now!

Love, M xox


You made the right decision for the right reasons.Good show.

Love to all....Blake


i've had several friends leave jobs after only a short stint (one of them the same company you are leaving, ironically). if a job doesn't fit, there's no reason to keep causing yourself blisters trying to make it fit. i'm glad you found another pair of shoes. hopefully they will fit better. if not, there are a lot more shoes out there. grats on the new job and the extended vaca!

Lucy Moran

Congratulations on making the decision Charles, and it's perfect timing. I'm sure you will love your long summer break. Stuart has just finished a 5 week break between jobs, and we have had the most wonderful time with him home with us. I think he really knows and understands each of our kids so much more now. As you will when your mind isn't being eroded by work!


Changing jobs is scary, but then leaving a place you did not feel a good fit in must be exhilirating.
I hope you have the most amazing work-free summer ever.


well, i have no doubt it was a decision you agonized over. i hope cottage season restores some of the calm to your soul and is a time when you can listen quietly to the voice that leads.


I can never find the verse when I need it, but I think it is in Proverbs: Without vision, the people perish. The miracle of free will is that God allows us, in grace, to make decisions. They might not be the 'right' ones, but He won't abandon us. All things work together for good, for those who are called according to HIS purpose... I do have doubts myself, sometimes, but taking risks is sometimes how you see the activity of God alive and well in your life. All the best.


It's really nice to hear about someone who puts family first. I really respect that about you.


best of luck charles and wish u all happiness :-)


Congratulations on making such a difficult decision! Your friend's advice is brilliant - it really isn't so much about where you are, as it is about what you are doing for Him where you are! I need to remember that too when I struggle over my own decisions! Enjoy your holiday in Canada with Tess and the kiddos and congrats again. I hope this job is a perfect fit!

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