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February 09, 2008


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OMG your kids have gotten so big.
India was such a blast. Gary really had fun, and I enjoyed sharing it with him. I thought of you at MTR, no waiting! Awesome.

Hope you, Tess, and the kids are well and sorry I haven't been around.
Looking at the Christmas pics, I cannot believe how big your kids have gotten, and so lovely too!

Happy New Year, Charles.


PS Yes I like your outfit. Is it hot in there?


dashing! and i can see the family resemblance! jk! it is an adorable gorilla suit, tho.


LOL, nice to see you dressed for the occasion!


Who knew Charles always wanted a gorilla outfit?

Did I mention how much we loved having you in Toronto, Charles? Thanks for all your help, too. You hit the ground running!

The drive out to the airport at 5:30 am on Saturday in the blizzard was fun. Really.


Who's Who ???


Nice suit Charles....or was that really you in the suit? :-P

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