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November 22, 2007


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wow. those are some astonishing figures. i think the ones that got me are the 43 who live without basic saintation and the 53 who live on $2/day and 18 who live on $1/day. we are so blessed and don't realize how much.


What an amazing sense of reality. Love your blogs Charles. Taraxx


That was incredible....I've only ever heard the figures..but the music and the pictures were great...xo lyns


Hi Charles,
Just stopping in to say "Hi," I need to do that more often for nice people. I see you're in Ft, Lauderdale. Only a couple of hundred miles from here, in stead of thousands. I hope you enjoy the time there, it should be fairly pleasant there for the time of year. Take care of yourself and your family.


I haven't the foggiest how I managed to get a space in the word "instead."


Hi Charles.
Everyone should spend some time in a third world country, dont you think?

Speaking of which...I am going to India again, hurray! Bangalore, December 21st!

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