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October 19, 2007


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I really enjoyed reading the post. Travelling with kids is not easy. The pictures are great, the kids look so happy and enjoying themselves.

Glad you shared this with us. Michele sent me here to tell you that!


Hi Charles, I left you a reply to your comment on my blog but just thought I'd pop by to say hello. FOUR toddlers, wow! They're all beautiful.



oh my stars. the thought of such a long flight in economy with such small children and after one of them has already vomitted in her carseat is a thought that makes me shudder. bless steve indeed! he deserves great reward for upgrading you all!


Man dude, I am exhausted from that post!
I am so excited to be going back to Blore on December 20th, and my husband is coming with me!
Thankfully no kids to deal with...man, you are a saint...I would just lose my mind ...



Well, you know the CEO, geez Charles, what connections! (hint: keep taking advantage of them)


OK , that takes care of Steve now look after frugal Blake. Tell your dear mother-in-law that Business Class is worse than First Class which is even worse than economy class. Steerage or cargo is the only way to fly.
I will rewrite the will accordingly.
Love to all....Blake


I was sent by Michele to look at your beautiful kids yet again! A pleasure!

OldOldLady Of The Hills

Michele sent me here to you tonight...Having four little ones sounds very very VERY daunting! It certainly seems you have got it worked out very well though....But, my question would be, Aren't you and Tess exhausted a lot of the time? (lol)
Your kids are absolutely darling and adorable, too! Truly!


No matter how, isn't it great to get an 'upgrade'!

Loved the reading, it's my first time here, which by the way, is from Michele's tonight!


Going anywhere with kids is difficult, much less to travel at length! Wow. And the flight attendants look so friendly. Sounds like it was a great trip!

Michele sent me.


Hello, Michele sent me - haven't been here before - I have to say - I don't think I could handle four children anymore. I'm way too old for that. But, must admit your children seem to be rather well behaved. I was way tired after reading your post...

Have a great week-end


I'm always heartened by the kindness of people, and your experience here proves it in so many ways.

I know who I'm flying the next time I head to the Far East.

david, 7000 feet up

thanks to Steve, and God who arranges such things.


Hi Charles,
Just stopping in to say 'Hi' and let you know I got the email. Take care of yours and yourself.


great post!

Neil T

Thanks Charles. Very encouraging.

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