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August 28, 2007


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blake lyons

You really need to monitor the "Biker Chick" activity. Your problems with Sela (who loves Yellowknife) are very minor at present. Things could really get grim when she comes home towing a chain attached to a man-sloth who has more pins/needles piercing his body than the average porcupine.You could move her to a smaller city where she would be free from bad influences.
Love to all...Blake


Well, I think that Katie may well give Sela a run for her money in a couple of years time. We are already getting major temper tantrums. Strong minded little girls huh? However, being strong minded is a great attribute. Nobody will be able to push them around when they are adults (we just have to live with them and mold their personalities now...hmmm)


I don't think I ever got over my own temper tantrums, Charles. I still have hissy fits when I don't get my way.

Seriously, it's something that every child seems to experience in one form or another. Sounds like you're dealing with it in an optimal fashion. No surprise there: you and Tess are both such great parents.

Breathe slowly when you're in Beijing.


I remember how one of my kids in particular had challenges dealing with change. As she struggled with those inner demons, the anxiety manifested as unsettled behaviour. If she was a weather pattern, we would have posted storm warnings. She got upset and cried more easily. I wonder if wee Sela is experiencing her own anxiety about the new team, especially since, at her young age, she may have no sense of timing - i.e. when Lita is actually going to disappear.
Hang in there - this too shall pass, as Mom would say. xox


I think it's something brewing in the atmosphere. We are having LOTS of "I don't wanna" moments in our home lately.

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