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June 24, 2007


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that last picture (of jasper) is absolutely precious (equally breath taking as the panorama at top!)



gorgeous pictures!

have i had similar moments? yes. usually quickly followed by the the milk all over the floor. but yes, they do grow up way too quickly. i find it difficult to believe that that since the trips were born i have had two kids, but still haven't finished tiling my house. the trio have caught up to seb, right? i mean, he can't be nearly old enough to have three-year-old siblings. right?

Auntie Pammie

OMG ~ they are sooo cute. Luuv the girls in the firefighter outfits, and Sebbie looks so grown up ,and of course JJ ..a classic shot.
Love to you all..


carys will always be my fave. :)
the kiddies always look so happy. what a gorgeous family.

Tummy Eagle

Tell der kinders to bring their firefighting outfits to Kelowna.The forecasts are for more forest fires this year.
We may need to increase ur consumption of FROSTIES (UMMM) and soda pop!!

Love to all....The Tummy Eagle


Thanks for writing this.

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