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May 05, 2007


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Rich Patterson

Wow, great commemorative video chuckles. I hope the folks at the new place realize they've got big shoes to fill. Good luck in your new role and look forward to seeing you soon in HK.

Louise M

Does this new job mean you won't have to travel as much? Congrats and hope you enjoy your new position.


Just beautiful Charles. We'll miss you at work, but will make sure to see you around. And if your new company needs any help with SSL VPNs in the future (very likely!) you can always have a drink with your old friends at Juniper! ;^)


the one thing i noticed about your video is that everyone is always smiling the most beautiful, genuine smiles. you just have that effect on people, i guess.

and as an interesting "small world" tidbit, during your tenure at juniper, hk i have a friend who worked, briefly, at juniper in san jose. i also have a friend who worked, briefly, at citrix in miami and recently moved. maybe if you had been in charge of hr where they worked they would have stayed. then again, maybe there's an hr opening at iei and we can lure y'all to hogtown. it's been done before :).

Paul Munder

I will not say goodbye. And, I will not cry. That is my testament.

It has been my pleasure.


robyn chew-gibbs

Dearest Charles ~
Such a fitting and touching farewell and leave it to you to maximize technology! :-)
The Juniper family will NOT be the same without you.
Thanks for your introduction to Juniper APAC and all of your support!

I will miss you terribly.


Charles, though I can only count months of having followed your blog, and even if I knew nothing of you and your wonderful family, or your life in Hong Kong, I would have been touched by this video. As someone said above, it is full of smiles and what look like treasured memories.

Wishing you all the luck and happiness in your future endeavours,
so glad you are sticking around the blogesphere to tell us all about it. :-)

Keri Lewis

I'm proud to have made it onto the "highlight reel".

Thanks Charles, for your support, and good luck with the new venture. You will be missed here at Juniper.


What an great farewell to Juniper. Although a short time, it was a pleasure working with you. Good luck at your new position. I wish you and your family nothing but happiness and health!

Brian Huntley

I hope they give you a budget at last to use a good executive search firm!!
Give us a try on www.garnerasia.com...
You will find my profile under "The Team".
Couldn't resist this chance for some free advertising...LOL.

Steven Kempton

Love that picture of your kids on the four-seat bicycle (what do you call that?!). Congratulations on the new challenge Charles, hope it turns out to be a great one for you. Fantastic work on the video too.


That was great! And I hear a hint of that Canadian accent. : )

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