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April 04, 2007


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that picture is great! sooo cute!


Charles - thank you so much for posting this! I think my own heart has a cracked a bit in seeing it. That or I'm also smitten with him. Guess I'll just add my name to a growing list of names!


Is that Shae???? Holy moley they are A-Dorable!!!! xo lyns


LOL!!! too cute!

it reminds me of when my boy was in kindergarten. i walked into the classroom to see a girl hanging off each of his shoulders looking at him with utter adoration and he there pleading with his eyes to please get them off, though being polite and tolerant of the unwanted attention.


Charles - so good to hear from you. You never know who will randomly pop by on blogs. I have always been fascinated with the Dark Night of Mother Theresa from the time I first heard of it about 3 years ago. I was stunned and could not believe that she was struggling so for the entire length of her service in Calcutta yet continued in faithfulness. That blew me away. I cannot imagine having the intimate experience she had with Christ, being obedient and then feeling as if God had abandoned her yet she continued on. Oh, my faith is so small.....

Blessings -


Cute! Next thing ya know, he'll be needing to borrow the car keys!

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