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April 13, 2007


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there is so much i could say and so much i could not begin to put into words here.....

i'll leave it at thanks for sharing and glory to god.


wow, Charles! Thanks for being obedient to God and sharing your story. You leave me very anxious about what comes next. Prayers...


I wish you well as you open a new chapter in your life!


Charles-I am so proud of you and excited for you. I can hardly wait for details of this new role you have accepted.
It is interesting that just a few days ago you were on my mind when I was listening to "You've Got the Eyes of a Stranger" and I was drawn into a great deal of reflection. (remember the voice?)
Looking forward to hearing more . . .


how scary to leave the security of your current job for the unknown. if anyone is up to the challenge, it is you. good luck in your new endeavour.


Wow! I'm in awe. Congratulations on entering this new chapter in your life and on hearing and answering God's call!

Best of luck!


Praise God for those tears of peace. May God bless you as you take a new direction in your career!


this is a very overwhelming moment, chain of events, to read, let alone experience. Thanks, Charles, for sharing it and for the reminder of maturing as a christian and the grace supplied to us all, if we only just accept it. peace to you.


Wow! Charles I have grown so close to you spiritually during the last few months. Your example of the power of prayer and trust in our Lord has been a huge lesson for me. Thank you for your reminder that I always need to seek the discernment of the Spirit if I want to continue to do His work. It is so easy for me to want to do, solve and act in my human nature without seeking His guidance. Thank you for your reminders and example brother.

I wish you, Tess and the family total success in your new job position and remember the Lord's work can be done everywhere.

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