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March 08, 2007


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youch, that pollution sounds horrendous. my father has been to beijing on business several times over the last decade and he'smentioned the same thing. i can't imagine how people live there.


hi bunny
come home soon. we all miss you.
and can you please post birthday party piccies and and 1st day of school pix up for viewers?
xo tess


Oh man, I dont know if I could take it! I have been in some cities in India that made me feel like a cigarette smoker!

You know, it's funny....we take that clean air for granted in America, I think, because we don't realize what the air is like in some places in the world!

Hope all the kids are well and enjoying their threes!


I brought you a can of clean air!


Uh oh. I've been invited to a conference in Shanghai in May, and I feel a definite pain in my chest after reading this.

I'll bring my own little oxygen tent, then!

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