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February 05, 2007


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Hello MC!

I cannot believe that Jasper's had his first day of school, and that a third birthday is around the corner. Thank you for sharing it pictures of the brothers together. Seb has such a knowing, yet happy smile on his face - he's got a little brother in school now!

PS - while it would have been great to have Chicago win, it would have been incredible if it had been the Cubs, because we're not quite to Spring Training for *baseball* yet. :)

Louise M

Congratulations Jasper, hope you enjoy your first steps into the exciting world of education. Hugs to Tess, I am sure she had a few tears...


i'd say jasper's day is much more momentous and likely to be recalled than the colts' day. congrats to the little man.


Jasper's moment is more monumentous than then Colts' -- and you will remember it always! (although I personally am glad they won)....the Superbowl was also historic in that it was the first time the head coaches were black--so that's neat esp in light of the fact that in the US February is Black History month.


poi: people flying to indianapolis weren't going to see the game (except on tv). the game was in miami. see, if you had gone to the game you could have dropped in for lunch! :)

an important, but sad, part of the superbowl this year is it finally gave peyton a win over the gators by defeating rex grossman. *pout*

but most importantly, WAY TO GO jasper! just how exciting is it to be going to school now? did seb show you around and give you the vip treatment? tell us all about your first day when you get a chance!

Maureen aka Mo aka Grandmother aka Mozilla

Way to go, JJ!! We are soooo proud of you and you look so grown up in your pictures that Daddy put into his blog. Have fun, Jasper!

Love from, Mo xox

Granddad Blake

My son-in-law aka Magnificent Charles a Chicago Bears fan????? Repent now while you still have a chance.
I have alerted the proper authorities to ensure corrective action takes place!!
Go Colts Go.

Love, Blake "Remember Johnny Unitas" Lyons


I love how you remember the important moments in life. Here's to your son's journey. And to your own.

(And how can he go wrong? He's playing CANADIAN football!)

Auntie Pammie

JJ, I am so proud of you! Now if your sisters would master the potty bit you all could be one happy team at school.
Love Auntie P


There was a football game? Go JJ!

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