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January 26, 2007


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i know what it is to run. i know what it is to stop and submit. i still run many times.

i appreciate deeply the prayers and counsel you've offered on my behalf.

i won't pray for confirmation but for obedience.


getting out of your comfort zone and allowing God to "blow your mind"...why is it so hard for us?

Maureen aka Mo aka Grandmother aka Mozilla

What a stimulating and exciting blog, Chuck! Obedience is what I shall be praying for, for you. Your blog follows on the heels of just having returned from Breakforth Canada 2007 Worship Conference with 8,000 others! Break free, Charles, into that freedom He is calling you to!

And Sebbie's face! Ah poor sweet brave boy.

Much love, M xox


I agree, this blog was very rich and personal - thank you for sharing it. I'm likely the worst person to offer advice, being that profession-wise I am used to "telling" and "ordering" versus the softer arts. I do know one important thing. A quote shared to me many years ago and to which I attempt to live by - "To thine own self be true". You must at least answer the knock on your door and from there decide how best to incorporate and subsequently balance all aspects of your world. A calling of any sort is a powerful thing. I had that with my work. Fight as I may, it was much easier to surrender to it than continue to struggle against it. I am certain you will find your balance and your plan. Keep me posted.

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