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January 15, 2007


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Auntie Pammie

Stupid me reading this before going to work, Iswore "I wont cry", yeah that didnt work. A very beautiful tribute to miss "olives" as i called her.
Love to you all during this time,


i was holding it together great until that last couple of sentences. and now the flood of tears. tears for olivia. for cleo, missy, suzl.... i've done this too many times in my life. i'm not sure it ever gets easier. big hugs for you and tess. and for olivia.

Maureen aka Mo aka Grandmother aka Mozilla

I too held it together until the last paragraph and then, of course, the tears started. Ah Charles, what a loving tribute to 'your girl'. I remember her fondly. Trust your heart is not hurting too badly.
Love, M xox


I used to collect stray cats when I was a paperboy in Trail. They used to stay in my paperbag then launch themselves out when I finally got home. Some stayed and others left for greener pastures but there was always one resident feline. In later years I upped the ante and adopted dogs.
It always hurt at the time one of them died but now all I remember are the happy times we had.
Every child and every life needs pets. Do yourself and the family a favour. Go out and get a golden retriever now.
Love, Blake aka Dad and granddad.

Jack Daniel's Rose

That's so sad... pets really do become part of the family.


Such a lovely tribute to a much loved friend. Tess will be able to tell you how much I miss my kitty who died this summer. Animals trust us to take care of them and show so much love for answering the call.


Very sad. Thinking of you all.


Olivia looks a lot like my cat, Circe (she has been gone a long time). You speak so beautifully of her. You put tears in my eyes.

Thank you for this lovely tribute to a trusted and well-loved friend.


such a beautiful tribute. (((hugs))) to all of you.


Hey you!
I am so sorry about Olivia...I know how much it hurts to lose a family pet...I know she will be much missed, and also you have many wonderful fun memories of her as well.

Take care

Heather in Washington State, USA

I had to say farewell to my beloved kitties this past summer. I understand your loss. I had mine for nearly 19 years. Two other formerly homeless adult cats have joined our family now, but I still miss my Maxine & Serengeti.

Photo here:

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