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January 01, 2007


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Auntie Pammie

Love it, I squeaked a tear from laughing so hard.


LOL, you poor guys. i remember when mine were potty training. i have to say it was my least liked stage of raising young children. just remember....this too shall pass (pun fully intended)

happy new year! hope you all are feeling better soon.


dude, bedtime has been my favorite time of day for YEARS!

and i promise i won't laugh. potty training starts here later this week or next. potty training boot camp, here we come.


uh, I'm almost afraid to wish you all a Happy New Year, LOL.
We were sick over Christmas but we didnt have to deal with potty training. (whew! those days are over!) I did have several sleepless nights, waiting for my oldest daughter to come home!

Hope you all feel better very, very soon!


Hats off to you both! :-)

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