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December 10, 2006


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Auntie Pammie

Wow ,those kids are getting so big, I had to do a double take when you got footage of Seb, he is such a little man now .. all grown up :-)
Auntie Pammie


I got a kick out of the little boy with the glasses, he was such a ham! And the little girl next to him who kept waving to...her parents?
These types of chorus concerts never fail to amuse me, just watching the kids fidget and perform. :)

Louise M

Adorable, love when young kids sing. They follow the "louder is better" rule, to heck with the tune...


i love watching the way the kids fidget or get distracted or how they finally get into whatever they are supposed to be doing. it's always fun.


Oh my that is tooo cute!


Absolutely PRICELESS! Poor Jasper, being wet! He handled himself very well, how uncomfortable he must have been. These types of things are always SO ADORABLE. We have cute footage of our fourteen year old from when he was about three when he sang at church. We can use it for blackmail one day:)

When you get a chance, check out my blog for a little video my husband and I did with he and our kids. I think you will like it:) Hope everyone is feeling better and the kids did not catch what you and Tess had!

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