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November 27, 2006


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that is a seriously impressive cake!!! oh, and you know the rule in my kitchen is ....if i am working therein and you enter, be prepared to either help me or dance with me. you'd clearly do well either way!


Oh man, that is really cool! Didja know that I am Mrs Nesbitt?
I am, it's true, just ask anyone!

Happy Birthday Sebastian!!!!!


WOW! charles, you missed your calling as a pastry chef! and i thought i was being clever by doing a monochrome darth vader head sculpted in frosting. that was nothing compared to the detail and effort you go to. that cake is as good as or better than nemo was (and i'm sure just even more tasty). i can't wait to see what you do in february.

Louise M

Love the video, thanks for sharing. Happy Birthday Sebastion, a full hand


Charles...you have created a masterpiece. I can appreciate the half time show...time in the kitchen should always be complimented with a cold beverage and inspirational music. Cameras optional. Athough a photo would not have done it justice...well done!



that was wonderful. especially the show in the middle.

no wonder seb says you're the best dad in the whole wide world!

spectacular. well done. i don't bake.


Seb was right, you ARE the best dad in the world. Wonderful job Charles!


That is one incredible cake! I am so impressed by your amazing talent!


just... wow. THIS video was hilarious! The music and the speed, the frequent references to the time.. I was laughing so hard. YOu've missed your calling, Charles. Send this in to the Food Network and start a new career as a celebrity chef!


That is the coolest video ever! And I am amazed at your artistry! (and dancing skills!). You put a big smile on my face!


wow, what a great cake!

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