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October 03, 2006


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becky k

True to some extent, and yet... Was at a prayer meeting for youth last night in the UK where I live. On the way there I heard the news. During the prayer time I was thinking I am so glad that these people don't have to deal with this - they don't have very many guns here and you feel a sense of security unlike in my home country (USA). But then I realized we were only a 20 minute drive from Dunblane where a gunman came in and blasted a kindergarten. Canada has more guns than the USA (per capita, I think) so why don't we read these headlines from north of the border? I think there are much larger issues than just gun control...


do you honestly think that criminals and insane people hell bent on shooting up schools really give a rat's ass if the gun they buy is legal or not? no, i don't pretend to know the answer, but we have more gun control now than we did decades ago and we have more gun crime too. gun control isn't solving the problem. i'm not suggesting a cause and effect relationship either, but just that making gun ownership harder to obtain legally does not solve the problem of gun violence.


hhmm, well given that i was robbed at gunpoint in my own home when i lived in a country with strict gun control laws i'd be inclined to disagree.

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