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October 01, 2006


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Auntie Pammie

Sorry, I cant help you Charles, but I also had a doozer of a dream this week that made me poder the "who/why" of the dream for many days after. In the end I contributed the dream to being eating some hot spicy food before bed? Hope this helps.
Love to all.....Auntie Pammie


I have no idea what it means but I do know that I am blown away by the details that you are able to recall. My dreams fade so quickly once I wake that I can rarely recall much.


If you follow Jung - he says dreams are our subconcious trying to working something out in symbolic language. Whenever I have done the analysis it's helped to explain the dream to someone as if I didn't understand the concepts and extrapolate those based on what they mean to me. For instance, what do the Sniper shots mean to you? What does it mean to you to be the only "lay person". You get the drift. Good luck.


it's all just random or semirandom firing of neurons. it's weird, but i hope it doesn't mean anything specific. if dreams did mean something, wouldn't that make nightmares and night frights suck that much more knowing there was a reason for the terror? maybe something general like stress or fear or hope, but nothing specific and symbolic. my $0.02 US, don't know what that converts to in hk, maybe a quarter?

Maureen aka Mo aka Grandmother aka Mozilla

This is the explanation that played through my mind after reading your dream, Chuck - the dream was a 'wakeup reminder' that someday we in our comfortable, democratic, safe western lives may have to step up to the mark and take a stand against what is going on around us. Interesting dream.

Love, M xox

Lori in YK

wow! You must sleep with a pen and paper beside your bed!

I have always been a great believer that it is the ones that you remember well that require you pay attention. I do not have a magic dream interpreter but I would venture a guess that (like alot of us) you are worried about the ever increasing violence and war in the world and how easily one could lose the safety of a comfortable normal life. The fact that you were travelling with people of great faith did not stop you from having to face human evil (a subconcious testing of your own faith maybe?)....Well, hopefully you will keep us posted as to any conclusions you may come to.


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