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September 11, 2006


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Maureen aka Mo aka Grandmother aka Mozilla

Amen to your wishes, Charles. In answer to your title ~ Blake, Mandy and I were at home and watching the TV in horror as first one and then two Towers fell. God have mercy on us all.

M xox


Hi Charles, yes, I remember where I was and how it all felt and I recall the realization that the world had indeed changed, but as I watched on, in horror and disbelief, I remember the added realization that the world had already changed in order for this to happen, for someone to come upwith this type of plan and carry it through and as I nursed my new little 3 month old son, I feared for what his future would hold and how different it would be from my childhood. on another note, Gerry was actually flying that morning too and he was just outside YZF city limits and they were denying EVERYONE landing rights(even on the lakes), so he had to land way out on great slave lake and taxi in...on floats of coarse!(otherwise he'd have to just weigh anchor out there somewhereand wait it out) After a few hours landing rights were given and I remember YZF airport loading up with aircraft from overseas also. Aircraft we didn't usually see landing there.
I hope for people in 'Macs' position that they can rebuild too. what a task to deal with and overcome.
blessings to you and Tess in HKG.


i live in a NYC commuter community. daughter had forgotten her lunch. i had it in hand to take to her when hubby called and siad, put on the tv. i watched the second tower fall in real time and stood there in shock trying to absorb it as the announcer said there was another westbound plane that was unaccounted for. do i drop off lunch or do i bring my daughter home? i stood in the school office trying to decide as other parents were yanking kids out of class. i opted for normalcy and then cried on the whole drive home.


i was almost eight months pregnant with sagan. i got up, made myself breakfast, and sat down in front of the computer to get my morning ttc fix. the posts were weird. there was this huge, mega-long thread sitting there waiting to be read with a subject something like "what's happening in ny? i can't get any news." then the posts got so surreal i was sure it was some kind of bad joke. then i turned on the tv and stood in the living room in complete shock for a while. after the shock was over i remember thinking that this was not the sort of world i wanted to bring a baby into, but i no longer had that choice.

as i reflect five years later, and read about how water is no longer allowed on airplanes in this country but 14" aluminum knitting needles are, i realize that the terrorists have won. the goal of a terrorist is to get a group of people so scared that they change their behaviour. not letting the terrorists win means getting on with our lives. we are letting them win at the very same time our president claims that overthrowing a bad guy in power in one country will make everything all better. now i feel that, while this is not the world i wanted to bring children into, our world needs our children to hopefully set things right.

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