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July 18, 2006


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Louise M

Sounds like you had an absolutely fabulous time with your family and friends. Maybe the lights and Leapster were your Mom's way of saying she's there as well and watching over the kids.... We get signs all the time that David is with us...

As my daughter says (she's 21) "mmmm bubbles, I love bubbles"


Thanks for the e-mail Charles!

I was checking off and on to see if there was an update. I appreciate you letting me know.

I had the exact same thought about the lights and leapster. Perhaps your mother was making her presence known.

The photos are wonderful, as always! Can't wait to see the professional ones as well:)

I know everyone will have fun out West here!


mmmmm, barbeque (or some days lately, ewwww, puke, barbeque ;). i love that feeling of just floating inside the memory, all warm and content like a cat lying in a sunny window. i'm sorry your trip had to be so short, but close your eyes and you are there again. thank you for the pictures and the time to update.


oh Charles, a sweeter compliment was never given! It was a really great weekend for both my cousin and I because after leaving your party we went to visit my great aunt(81 and lucid as the day is long) and she invited us to stay the night. It was a wonderful treat for my cousin who got to hear lots of stories about her grandmother and other family members she never knew. I have not yet posted my account of the bbq but I will!

Auntie Pammie

Thank-you for the pics,,,, so nice to see you all.
I am getting SO EXCITED knowing that my turn to see you all is only a few weeks away.
Love to you all.
Auntie P xo


Wonderful pictures, and commentary! Looks like the family portrait will be delightful. And you have so many beautiful ones of each of the children, and Tess, and yourself. Somebody is a fine portrait photographer.

I didn't realise you were all going to Toronto this summer. We're on our way there next week, to spend most of the time at the family cottage on Georgian Bay (north of Parry Sound). I will share many of the same sorts of memories and special activities with my kids. So much fun!

I know what you mean about the strangeness of taking your young children to play at your former primary school. It's weird, and such a great blessing.

Hope the rest of your trip is just as magical! Best wishes to you all,


Divine post, divine pics!

Taking AGES to download though, getting so impatient.


WOW! my head is spinning! looks like a very good time was had by all though and that's what counts most.:)


Oh, what wonderful picture of your family and sounds like a fab vacation. We are still a year away from being able to go venture out in the world on our own without nurses, oxygen, etc. but it´s so encouraging to read about the triplets and Seb traveling around the world with you and behaving so well.

I dream of a vacations like that!


Looking at that top photo, I can't see how you are able to leave any of them behind.

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