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June 11, 2006


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Beautiful. Incredible. Just incredible. Thank you for sharing your testimony.


Thank you for this post. Your testimony is beautiful and is making me do some serious reflecting of my own relationship with God.

I've never commented before, but I wanted to say thank you - thank you for writing such a beautiful testimonial and thank you for sharing it with us.

Maureen aka Mo aka Grandmother aka Mozilla

I am once again in awe of what God has done in and through you and your family, Charles. Thank you for reminding us of all that took place and thank you so much for sharing your testimony. God bless you, Tess, Sebastian, Jasper, Sela and Carys.

Love, M xox

Auntie Pammie

Beautiful blog Charles! It's hard to write when your eyes are brimming with tears.
Love Auntie Pammie xo


wow!!! I so wish that we could have been there to clap and celebrate..if not for the
starbucks alone..... You don't know this, but one of the first times I met Tess we were chatting about life,love, God and the like..and she shared a little of your "egg" days..and how you weren't fully committed... and I committed right then and there to pray for YOU every day..to pray that God would show you his power, grace and love...that he would draw you closer to himself... God answered that prayer in the triplets birth..and inside I was thanking God for giving you such a powerful demonstration... God has taken you so far and all I can say is HOLD ON TIGHT...b/c the ride gets only better from here on out.. You and your family hold a very dear place in my heart... I count it an honour to call you friend..but most importantly I count a blessing and priviledge to call you brother!!! xo lyns


What a beautiful story. I came you to Tess's blog long after the Terrific Trio were out of the danger stage, so it really is amazing to see how terrifying it must have been for you all then and how happy and healthy they all are now.


Charles, your words stun and awe me. I am amazed at the depth you have in your heart for a life with God. I have spent my time as a 'chicken' at the breakfast table but not even leaving eggs, I might leave a fether from time to time from an occassional ruffling. I'm not sure I can even say I have been involved. Never thought I'd say this...'wish I was a pig' ;)
I am happy for Tess to have a man in her life to share a faith walk with and envelope those children in the same walk. I congratulate you and Tess on your honesty and frankness with your blog. I hope that someday my husband and I will be able to share a similar path together, maybe if I chose to leave more eggs and meat products, he'll see a better example of what is in my own heart. Thankyou Charles for posting your testimony. What a very personal and private thing you have given those of us who stop in from time to time. I also congratulate you and Tess on the dedication on your children. A blessing to be sure of.
from Fiji, vinaka vakalevu. Kara


What a beautiful Testimony, I got goosebumps several times while reading. Definitely makes one think about their relationship with the Lord. I will definitely pass this on for others to read. (I am a lurker of your blog, and a friend of the wonderful Tess!)

Take Care


Alistair and I thought the dedication was really wonderful, lovely, and as I was on ushering duties at the 9.30am service, I heard your testimony at both services (teared up the first time), and it was equally powerful both times. Although I thought you seemed more relaxed (!?) the second time. Sorry not to have been able to stay after the service - the kids were getting cranky.


Thank you for sharing this special day. The testimonies of both you and Tess continue to encourage me way across the world in Seattle. God is so good and I thank you for reminding me of that today. I will definitely be noodling over the "committed pig" analogy. Blessings to you and your family.


I'm praying for blessings for all your children, and for you and Tess. (I was one of the many following the babies' story in 2004, and sending prayers for them and for you.) Sounds like it was a beautiful service, and inspirational in several ways. Thanks for sharing the story, the photos and your personal testimony.
May God guide you and support you as you respond to his call.

Richard Whetsell

Wow! What a great time! It is one of the sad times that one can't be there to see and experience it first hand, but what a gift for you to share so clearly and eloquently.

Take good care of that brood and say hi to Tess.

I will charish our time together and look forward to hearing more of your story as God continues to lead you. I have been praying for the Hong Kong Emmaus community since my return and especially for your discernment of God's call on your life.


You ROCK!! That was beautiful, Thanks for sharing with all of us.


Beautiful. Wish I could have been there.



What a great testimony. we serve a powerful God, and I am so happy and blessed to be a part if His family. What a tremendous example of God's power & love!


Beautiful testimony. I have tears running down my face. And I love the picture of all of you. Reminds me of the song Blessed by Martina McBride. You are all truly blessed.

Robyn Chew-Gibbs

This touched me in ways I can't describe. How truly blessed you are, you all are and how blessed I am to know you. What an insightful journey - thank you for opening and sharing!!!


Got goosepimples just reading it. I love your passage about God wooing us in the voice we hear. I have felt that many times. The whisper on the back of my neck, the thought I can't let go. God working in our own ways.


Odila & Joel

Charles & Tess

The triplets are living proof of a miracle and it is wonderful that you are sharing the impact it had in your life with so many of us... and Sebastian wanting to share the moment with Charles was probably very reassuring for Charles and a beautiful image for us who were there.

Thank you for a beautiful ceremony and a great time

Odila & Joel


Charles - no surprise to me that your faith is expressed in this powerful way - it was clear that you were on your path years ago watching you lead seminars. Blessings to you and Tess and your wonderful, amazing, beautiful children. xoxox Carol


pleased to make your acquaintance. god's hand is certainly evident in all of your lives. he doesn't loosen his grip does he? i give thanks for the miraculous way in which he protected the lives of the children and has worked in each of you to draw him close as he glorifies himself.


Amazing. I've lurked upon you and Tess since the birth of the triplets, finding you threw Tertia.

Everytime I see pictures I'm in awe of how blessed you and Tess are. May GOd continue to look over and bless your precious trio and Sebastian too!


Dear Charles,

Your testimony is amazing, so touching and so very real. Thank you so much for sharing. As a mother of 27weeker twins, I totally understand and comprehend the emotions around the Trio's birth and how the Grace of God was present during each step of the long NICU journey and beyond. Much blessings to you and congratulations on y the Dedication.

Love to you, Tess and the kids flying over from Argentina.



That was amazing. Thank you for sharing! What a mighty God He is-- what miracles your children are, work of His hands.

Thanks again. I've been waiting to read this until I had the 'right' time, and tonight was so. Blessings!


MC- What a beautiful testimony. I read with much interest (and a kindred spirit as a Christiam mom of preemie triplets). To God be the glory for the beautiful family you have!


Thank you for sharing Charles (and Tess!). God bless you all.


Thanks for making your testimony public. I have forwarded it to several friends, and I believe it will move them in ways you did not even contemplate. May the Lord continue to use you, Tess and your children to glorify his name.


Thank you, Charles. I have followed your testimony since the trips were born, and I can hardly believe it has been two years. As a fellow believer, I encourage you to keep at it!!!


That was absolutely beautiful. I've followed your family's story since right after the triplets got home, and I am awed by the miracle of their survival. God's grace is truly present in your life! Your testimony and account of their Dedication brought back all the emotions and hopes that I had at the baptisms of my own 3. Thank you for sharing!


Hey! LMAO... hi hi hi hi!


I skimmed through this post the other day, but after your email to me, I went back and re-read the entire post. Wow, your testimonial was awesome. Maybe the calls have been here all along and I haven't been able to listen?


Beautiful....simply beautiful :)


Charles, powerful story! Thanks for sharing it with us...it's awesome the way God works with us.


Charles, what an amazing, beautiful story.
Thank you for sharing it.


I was just reading your post again and looking through the lovely comments. I am shocked that I did not comment already!??! I have read this particular post three or four times already. Tess and you are both so gifted in your writing. I think I could be better at getting my point across if I had more time to devote to it. And an editor! I do ramble on!

You recently posted a comment on my blog and that made me wonder if I had recently made a comment on your's, which in turn caused you to read mine to remind yourself of who on earth I am! LOL You have so many readers and I don't think you have time to be a regular reader of mine.

Long story LONG, I wanted to know what I had said on your blog. Lo and behold, I did not say anything. At least not any time recently. Unless I am blind and missing a comment from me. I was so touched by the dedication post, I was sure I had said something. One of the kids must have distracted me or something.

LOVED IT! We got our two oldest dedicated at the same time. Then the two youngest at the same time. Very meaningful. We even had family travel pretty far to come and be part of it.

I can understand why your kids were older when you did it. How truly special. All six of you are stunningly gorgeous (not that looks matter, especially to God) and you all look so happy. I prayed and prayed two years ago. I checked the site many times a day and even cried a lot. I just pleaded with God to save those precious little babies and look how He has answered all of our prayers!!! And look what He did in your heart. How awesome and incredible is He?? Praise GOD!

JD's Rose

That is interesting, in light of my most recent post... Good to find you! Congratulations on the munchkins being dedicated. I do think that it is fantastic.

JD's Rose

And for the record, all the children are beautiful, but I think I just developed a soft spot for Carys.


Thank you Charles. I lurk on your (& Tess') blog every now and then. You both give the world of blogging a breath of fresh air. Your words and tone convey the love you have for your children and for Christ.
Many thanks,
Melody in Texas, USA


An astounding testimony to your walk in faith, the power of God to work miracles, the will of even the tiniest infants to live, and the courage of both you and Tess. It means more to a stranger on the other side of the world than you can ever know.


Good to have you back, Charles. Thanks for visiting my site again. I remember you from many months ago and glad to read the updates on my new friend in Hong Kong. Your testimony was powerful, vulnerable, and a beautiful testimony.

My greatest fear is wasting my life on ideas and pursuits that don't matter.
My greatest dream is to reveal the kingdom of God more than I obstruct it.


Beautiful photographs and amazing story!


Well written & amazing story! Your wife and children are beautiful. This is the first time I've heard of a "dedication."
Hello from Michele's! (I meant to come earlier, but I had to eat supper).


Good stuff on the blog Rocket man!

Moses Leung

Thank you for your good sharing. We can see prevenience grace in your family. God is so good and so good and so good. Words cannot expressed such blessings. May these blessings flow throw your lives to your
children. It surely also the blessing for me.

dawn in ky

im speechless

a lurker from ky


Charles - I find it amazing in this world how two parents can look so calm and so beautiful as the two of you do in the pictures in the church! You both look so happy with what you have together!!!

Your testimony is inspiring and made me teary!!! Your children are beautiful!!!! Enjoy the incredible life you have!!!


You know, I am having the worst day but reading this reminds me of the absolute glory of God. Thank you!


whoever said that Gods miracles are not present today, has never been a parent.

What a beautiful reminder of what a gift life is and how God is in control. No matter what.
I too have had a preemie (my first) and a sick child (my third) who I almost lost so..
this post touched me.

What a beautiful celebration their dedications must have been.



I popped over here for the first time today from Tertia's blog. Wanted to say that your testimony was wonderful - so heartfelt and honest. Thank you for sharing.


I am touched, and weepy at work. You've given me a nudge. I have not been involved at all - and I am definitely not who I want to be, the person I want my children to see. Thank you.


absolutely beautiful, charles! God radiates throughout this post...and your family!


looking back through the comments, i see that last june i posted. i still haven't heard the calling and i wish i would becuase i could really use some guidance. i wish i knew what i'm supposed to do.


I like the way you think. I also love the way that you included the way that God spoke to you: Although an intensely private thing, everyone needs to know that Jesus is alive, and that we can all be in relationship with Him. Awesome, to use an unfortunately hackneyed word.


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