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February 13, 2006


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ahhh...people don't like to be reminded of their sins...guilt gets the better of them .25 cents or not..he he...you should teach Seb that one...it might be fun in HK (smile!!) Hope all is well in your travels... xo lyns


i'd like to give out fake parking tickets around hogtown. as far as i can tell the lines in the parking lots are merely serving suggestions. things like:

stupidity is not considered a handicap. neither is laziness.

if you can't park your big as effing truck, buy a chevette.

you are not an airline pilot. you are not suppose to center your vehicle on the line.

needless to say, if i ever did this for real i wouldn't be so polite :).


Oh to have the days of Lemonade Stands and Cops & Robbers back again...Cowboys & Indians too...tackle football in the yard...
Too Funny.

Here from Michele


You might have "caught" him as he emerged from an illicit liaison with his mistress. The tan lines on a married man's ring finger are always easy to spot.

My, how I miss being a kid. It was so much fun to play with conventionality and get away with it time and again.

Mind you, we now have a front-row seat as the next generation embarks on a similar journey. It is our challenge to appreciate it. From everything I read here, you drink from it without missing a drop. Inspiring.

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