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January 20, 2006


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Oh, I don't mean to laugh, but that was pretty funny!


Wow! That is freaky!

I have been wanting to see that movie, but have been too scared. I guess I should give it a shot???


Oooh...I've heard good things about that movie, and have been meaning to see it for quite a while.

I think, though, that I'll make sure that I *don't* watch it while on a plane. :)

(Btw...I'm here from Michele's tonight!)


LOL! That would be enough to freak ME out! Michele sent me


Oh man. I feel your pain. I am sure it was all coincendental but being on a plane while all those were happening would certainly throw me off a little. I see you are originally from Canada, love seeing fellow canucks blogging. Here from Micheles.


if I were you I would get a sterling silver crucifix - size XXL
no flight crew is that clumsy!
here from michele


i just spilled water all over my keyboad - how weird is that??


Now that's creepy!

Here via Michele's :)

kross-eyed kitty

LOL! Sounds like a baptism took place!
Here via Michele's

Laura - VitaminSea

ok that's just plain creepy. I think you better watch your back for the next couple days! ;)


I never question those things that I can not explain. This COULD be a coincidence. Or not. Either way, I've got a shiver down to the very base of my spine that just won't go away. I hope all that hydration - intended and otherwise - helped forestall a worsening headache.

BTW, thanks for your comment on my blog last week. We often find ourselves in Toronto to visit family and friends - were just there this weekend, coincidentally - and I, too, would very much enjoy meeting you the next time you're in town. Keep me posted on your itinerary and we'll try to cross our paths accordingly. I think it would be neat!

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