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December 18, 2005


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Wow, what a vivid first-person account of the scene. I've never understood what motivates rioters. It's become so commonplace that the actual message and its underlying intent are inevitably lost in the chaos that ensues.

Meaningful protest is one thing. In high school, I remember occupying the street in front of the Soviet Consulate in Montreal to protest the oppressive regime.

But we didn't burn police cars, and we made sure our messages were peacefully delivered and intelligently relayed to the reporters who came to speak with us.

I hardly think starting a running battle would have helped articulate the message any better.

Maybe it's just me and my naivete.

Mrs Aginoth

An interesting post - I'm going to have to look up some background to the story now.

here from michele

OldOldLady Of The Hills

Here from Michele, this A.M. Charles..long time since I have been in touch with you...Good to visit you again, but this sounds VERY scary...I know these things sound worse sometimes when one is far away from the event...and it's not as bad there...BUT, it does not sound like this was one of those times...
I am completely unfamiliar with the 'problems' there so I wondered what the riots were actually about? Well....maybe I canfind some info on the Internet. Take good care Charles.


HI Charles. I hadn't heard that there were any WTO riots in Hong Kong. MOre applause for the American media...

Glad your evening worked out OK> It sounded quite challanging.

Michele sent me.

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