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November 23, 2005


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Elaine D

I have absolutely no doubt that wee Hannah is in heaven today & will greet her parents with joy someday! I do not believe that God holds little ones who are not old enough to understand the concept accountable for their sins. Besides, what could Hannah have done in the moment of life that she might have had that could possibly close the door of heaven to her? It is her grieving parents who need our prayers - I will remember them & their surviving daughter.


Charles, thanks so much for spreading the word. It really means a lot. The funeral for Hannah is this Friday.



Mum aka Mo (grandmother) aka Maureen Lyons

There is no doubt that wee Hannah will be reunited one wonderful day with her parents and sister. And we here on earth will lift up this dear family in prayer. Thank you, Chuck, for letting us know of this need.

Love, M xox


They are in my prayers tonight.

We must be thankful every day for all we have. I try to explain it to our kids when I hug them extra-close. They don't fully appreciate why, but someday I hope they will - and will do the same with their own kids.

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