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September 23, 2005


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Louise M

Very glad to hear there were no broken bones or torn ligaments. That would have put you out of commission for a while... Just had the Terry Fox runs here in Canada last week-end (25th anniversary) There were over 13,000 runs across Canada (not counting the school ones on Friday). You'll have to keep showing Sebastion the different colours as your body heals. I am sure he will have a million questions!

Auntie Pammie

Way to go Charles! I did a good wipe out a few years ago while outside running, so I haev been wussy lately and am only running inside. I have the 5km breast cancer run coming up next weekend, and I am ready for it, I will think of you while out there trudging along within the 12,000+ people expected out for it that morning here in Edmonton alone. I agree with Louise's comment that you should get Seb to watch the progression of healing on your knee as he will have 8 million questions....
Hope you feel better.
Auntie Pammie

Maureen Lyons

OWWWWW! Reading your Scabby Knee blog brings memories back of running days and the odd crash. Not fun. So glad you were not more seriously injured and way to go for getting back on the trail and continuing on. And I can imagine Seb's fascination with colours, scabs, scratches, etc! When is the half marathon?

Way to go, Chuck!

Love, M xox

Free to Be

Seee , seee, that's why I don't run. (sure).

Good luck on the run and your calling.

Hello from Michele's.


You are totally adorable talking about your wife and kids! Here from Michele's. :-)

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