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August 19, 2005


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Louise M

CONGRATULATIONS! I bet Tess and the kids won't even recognize you. The Royal Vic Marathon is coming up in October, you can always come back and run it again...


Congratulations! You look amazing :-)


Charles, you look amazing! Congratulations. Your family will be thrilled! I'm sure your new low weight will make it easier for you to chase your now very mobile four children!


Congrats, Charles. I really loved the spiritual connection you did with the new and improved do better Charles plan. I love it when you can listen to God with the volume down on normal life. It's a beautiful connection. Thanks for sharing.


Do you know that Teilhard de Chardin was "posted" to China for his unconventional views within the Church. It was while in China that he really blossomed and wrote most of his work.

Coincidence? Perhaps not...


Thanks for that. Congratulations to you! I feel very motivated and inspired.
Can I beg you to reveal this plan? Enjoy being reunited with your beautiful family!


You truly are the M in MC. Congrats on the weight loss! You look amazing.


Wow! You look great! Congratulations on the weight loss and, most especially, the spiritual journey!!




Amazing! I wish I had your dedication :)


Congrats on the amazing weight loss! (So can you tell us what was the diet?) You look great!


Yes, good work. I lost a bunch a while ago, and it's slowly coming back - please keep it down for a while.


You look amazing! I am so pleased Tess agreed to a swap. Yay me.

PS pls may i have the diet details.



Congratulations on the new you. It takes so much dedication to stick firm to any diet plan. Glad you found one that worked for you.


Charles, you look fabulous, Tess and you will make an even more mahvellous couple now! Wish I could see her face when she sees you (isn't she reading though?). That is some discipline, well done.

[Do not tell Tertia, the silly twat would most surely kill herself.]


Ooh la la. Good on yah, Charles. I'll be doing the "birth weight loss" program in less than 6 weeks. Any tips? ;) Will you and Tess be in BC/Canada in Sept? I see that the program is mentioned in small script in your blog. sneaky pete. might look into that in the new year. all the best. feels great to accomplish something hey?
hasta luego


Wow! Congratulations! I am so impressed: you knocked off all the items on Tess' list, and did this incredible diet spiritual work, and all those business trips and and and... when did you sleep? Or relax at all? You truly are Magnificent. I hope spending time with your adorable family in Canada is a wonderful reward for all your hard work.
Best wishes,

Maureen Lyons

You know, Chuckles, everytime I look at this blog I think to myself, "I am glad that Chuck knows that no matter if he is pre-diet or post he is totally loved and appreciated". After just having spent a little vacation time with you, Tess and your fab family I say it again - "We love you, mc".

Love, M xox


Congratulations on the weight loss, Charles. You do indeed look a lot better. My girlfriend and I weighed about what you did before you started your diet--she's been on jenny Craig for a couple of months and has dropped 26 pounds whereas I've done nothing and still weigh around 208. I admire your dedication to your goal. Best of luck with the new you.


I guess you're now to sexy to blog.


Well done Charles you look amazing!

If you want a training partner for the Macau Half Marathon my friend Susan Watkins(just moved into 18A, children Aiden 4 & Sasha 2) is doing it too! Amongst all the other runners in the building!

We'll keep you posted of when the Perth marathon is, so you can visit us.

Keep up the good work,
Lucy & Stu

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