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July 21, 2005


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"boot disk deferment" bitter, me? you would think that after several hard drives deferring in his lifetime, my lovely husband would have a backup. but alas, he defered to back up our server's hard drive. that's why you won't see our bbs anymore when you click on my name. maybe someday it will be back up, when he doesn't have to work all weekend.

then here in florida we have to worry about roof deferment. especially since we are now officially six for six. come on franklin, come and get me. i dare ya! hey, it's only a tropical storm. i could sleep through those. i have slept through those.

defered alarms systems could pose a problem. i do check our smoke detectors occasionally (usually by spilling some cooking oil on a burner and subsequently filling the house with smoke), but if they defered to sound then there wouldn't really be anyone to sound off to. but at least we would feel better knowing that they did work....eventually. i'm convinced that car alarms are already defered. why else would they go off seemingly at random in parking lots? they were triggered hours, or even days previous, and are just choosing a more convenient time for them to sound.

Carl V.

Very funny! I read about this ridiculousness the other day...good to see that someone has a sense of humor about it!

Thanks for the site visit!

meditative music

You article is an eye opener to whoever reads it.

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