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June 12, 2005


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Oh my goodness, that thing is amazing! I had no idea tricycles like that were possible! What an awesome gift. I hope the kiddos get lots of use and fun (and JOY!) out of it. =) Bravo!

Mum aka Mo aka Maureen

Absolutely darling!! The kidlets and the quad trike could not be any cuter. Glad it was such a hit with all four. The expressions on each face are priceless and speak volumes :-)

Have fun playing with it!

Love, M xox


Looks like Sebastion will be getting quite the workout. Love the photo with him and his toys, going for a ride around the house. Does it fit in an elevator, or do you have to stand it up?

j-bo (aka jen bond)

my fav shot is the one with Jasperino laying over the handle bars.......as if he were the one doing all the work. can't wait to meet these kids.....and to all those who don't get to meet them....na na na na na!
j <><


That is the most freakin' awesome toy bike in the world!!!! No wonder its a "no joy buster"... ya can't help but feel joy..esp seeing ALL of them riding on it... Way to go daddyo!!!! Just wait until they all all peddling....then you'll never beable to keep up with them!!!! xo lyns


Made my heart smile when I saw the picture. That is just the perfect toy for your beautiful family. xoxox

Auntie Pammie

Um, Charles, can we get an small cart like apparatus to attach to the end..? That way the kidlets can also double as a small transportation vehicle?
Auntie P


That is so flipping cute!!!!

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