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May 05, 2005


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Mum aka Mo aka Maureen

I remember you and Tess telling us about this visit on your return, Charles. Your blog is beautifully written as well as being descriptive and interesting. Thanks for your insight.

M xox


Wonderful memory and I too have had a sort of fanciation with the Vietnam "conflict"...I took a class on it my Sr. year of highschool... lots of amazing stuff going on around this subject...thanks for sharing!
xo lyns

Auntie Pammie

Hey MC,
I also was/am fascinated by the "American war" and so enjoyed my trip to vietnam last year, that I can say I will be going back. I didnt understand the attraction that you and Tess spoke of , until I was fortunate to have experienced it firsthand. Beautiful country and people.
Auntie P


Charles, I didn't know you liked the VN books! how about Derailed in Uncle Ho’s Victory Garden, Sideshow, When Broken Glass Floats, The Sorrow of War, A Bright Shining Lie, When Heaven and Earth Change Places, Lost over Laos -- what are some other good ones?!

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