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May 29, 2005


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Auntie Pammie

REading your blog this morning was so much better than my normal Sunday routine ... Wow I cannot believe how much those babies and (Seb) are growing. Kudos to Olives for giving those babes a heads up!
Looking forward to seeing you all soon !
Love Auntie P


LOL! I just love reading your blog. Makes my heart happy. Great pictures!

Mum aka Mo aka Maureen

What fabulous reading, Charles! Definitely give up your day job and stay at home and write non-stop about the goings-on in your families' life. We all enjoy it so much - I am with Amber :-)

Again, I commend you and Tess for your parenting. Trusting the throwing up will settle down and those little tummies will mature.

The pictures are so wonderful. Please keep them coming.

Much love,
M xox


Ah, yes. Time outs. My one year old has himself been known to get banished to the 'naughty mat' now and then. Mainly to keep some sort of harmony with his 3 year old sister, who is herself a repeat visitor.

Sorry to hear your weekend was so um, messy. Hope everyone is feeling better soon.


Ahh the joy of parenting wee ones :) Just remember "little children little problems.." Just you wait! (Or so my 'evil' parents of 6 remind me). Enjoy what you can of these early years, they are so fleeting! (And yes, if you fly me out there I will happily eat my words ;)


I LOVE the pic of the babes looking out at S on the balcony, it is so so sweet.

And HOW hot is Tess!!! You are one lucky man.



You have to read "Jerome K. Jerome's Three men on a Bummel" - there's a fantastic chapter on why parents should always have padded rooms for those weekend mornings! Also - why fathers sometimes need to be bachelors!

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