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August 16, 2005


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What a unique adventure you found. Reading your account of Bangalore Walks reminds me to slow down and seek out little gems of
history such as what you found. I am
disappointed I am unable to click on your pictures to enlarge them, seems my computer just refuses to cooperate. It barks out a "?m??ðDϩW,抳?*-N??@*PAp?ܘr?" at me and then smugly hums innocently, but from what I can tell, its a beautiful place.


that's such a wonderful discovery. i wish i knew how to be a better tourist. i might have gotten more out of the few travels i have had. i do enjoy wandering around on foot, but without a tour guide of some sort, i don't always know where i am or the significance of a particular place. i'll definitely have to look for walking tours next time (if) i go anywhere.


Nice reading about your comments on Bangalore Walk. It almost lives the walk again in a superbly written memoir.

By the way I also have been to one of these walks and felt great!
One can also book tickets of these walks online on events section of http://www.ghoomo.com

Look forward to also attend Arun's Bangalore Pub Crawl and Bangalore Cycle Walks :)


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